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Ford auxiliary adapters

Ford Auxiliary Input Interface Adapter

Auxiliary Audio Input Interface for Ford Lincoln factory Radios. Connect an iPod iPhone Android phone, MP3, DVD, satellite radio or any external audio device to the factory Ford stereo. Works on most vehicles from 1995 to 2014 Ford factory stereos have an external CD changer controls for a CD changer, 2004 and up are satellite ready ( SAT ) or Aux buttons. They are used for the external CD changers, Satellite radio or rear factory DVD, video system  you can use that plug on the Ford radio to add the auxiliary audio input adapter jack for your MP3 iPod, iPhone audio or any portable audio device, Auxiliary input converters is designed to convert these ports of the Ford Radios into auxiliary audio input. (aux input) Devices with an audio output jack can be added to the Ford factory Radio without FM transmitter this technology maintains full function of all Ford features  built-in steering wheel sub-woofer DVD and rear seat controls. Check your factory Ford radio for this buttons Sat Aux, CD before you pick the aux interface, 1995 and up radios need to have a CD button, If CD player, radio, press the CD button twice to activate aux input, If Radio comes with in dash Cd-6 press CD button twice radio must display NO DJ NO CD in this case use The FRDN-AUX, If radios comes with a Sat button use FRD03-AUX/S 2004 and up. Ford radios with Aux button use the FRD04-AUX,  The Auxiliary interface comes with Ford plug harness and are plug and play, Taurus and Sable use FRDR-AUX connects in the trunk at the factory rcu tuner amplifier. Any Ford external CD changer can be remove and replace with the FRDW-AUX interface, Escape Explorer Expedition Focus F150 Mustang Taurus, but If you want to keep the external CD changer that it's also possible with the Ford-aux-oem Auxiliary interface It's a line level input that accepts any audio signals from iPod mp3 or any external audio source the digital audio signal it's input into the Ford Radio pre-amp and you can hear it on the factory speakers.  Plug one end into the auxiliary jack on the other to the back of the Ford stereo,  the other into your  portable audio device and you'll get direct digital sound quality. Auxiliary interfaces are not tape adapters or FM transmitters, there is nothing wireless about them, that means the signal doesn't get  degraded by the process of sending it to your Ford car  Stereofacebook page If you need help finding the correct Ford auxiliary interface for your vehicle  E-mail us or give us a call 1-800-727-1466   We also carry Bluetooth iPod iPhone integration satellite Radio tuner and many other car audio accessories to be used with a Ford factory audio system

Ford Auxiliary Adapters

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