Ford Auxiliary Input Interface  AUX DMX V.1TS

Ford Auxiliary Input AUX DMX V.1TS

Price: $75.00
Ford Auxiliary Input Adapter

This auxiliary audio input interface will allow you to add the audio from any portable audio device to your factory Ford Taurus Radio, Mercury Sable stereo, low level device such as an MP3 player, iPod  iPhone DVD player, game systems, etc by selecting the external CD changer option directly from the factory Ford radio. The input on the interface is a pair of RCA style connectors that can be easily converted using any RCA to headphone jack cable. The volume and tone can be adjusted from the factory car stereo, this adapter is made for vehicles with factory RCU tuner brain, there is no need to pull the Ford Mercury radio out of the dash


1995-1997   Ford Crown Victoria

1995-1997   Ford Explorer

1996-2006   Ford  Taurus (aux input  plugs in the left side of the trunk behind the carpet)


1995-1997   Continental (vehicles with DSP JBL radio only)

1995-1997   Town Car


1995-1997    Grand Marquis  (vehicles with DSP JBL radio only)

1997            Mercury Mountaineer

1996-2006    Mercury Sable (auxiliary input plugs in the left side of the trunk behind the carpet)

Taurus Sable station wagon (amplifier behind  left side panel in front of spare tire) station wagon with 3rd row seat look for the amplifier in the other side of the fender.
Add Bluetooth for android tablets and smartphones ISFM21

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