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Bluetooth Interface iPhone Android

Add iPod iPhone Aux USB Input to existing Oem Radios

iPod integration for your car, Listen to your iPod iPhone using your original car stereo, is easy as connecting it to your computer with the correct Bluetooth kit. These Bluetooth adapters allow you to play your iPod Android device  through your factory speakers you can use the buttons on your car stereo to control your music and phone calls. Great sound quality and steering wheel controls . A Hardwired Bluetooth adapter is the newest way to allow you to easily connect your portable audio device or phone. A connection cable is installed in the back side of the Factory radio out-of-sight connection. Works for most Factory radio from 1998 and up,  If using an iPhone or Android device you can also stream music from Internet services like Pandora, Livio Radio and i-Heart Radio. If you need help finding the correct interface or Bluetooth contact us:1-800-727-1466 or  Aux input adapters 

  • Car iPod iPhone Integration

  • Full controls from the Factory Car Stereo Cellphone Bluetooth  Drive talk and control your phone with your voice, works for Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad, music text navigation and much more

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