Bentley Auxiliary input

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Bentley Lamborghini 2004-2011 Auxiliary Audio Input Adapter

Auxiliary audio input interface for Bentley Lamborghini factory Oem radios this interface connect to the   external CD-changer plug and allow you to listen to an auxiliary source, such as an Mp3, iPod iPhone or any portable  audio source
 through the factory oem head unit. No more sound-degrading FM modulator or clumsy cassette adapter. Get clean CD high quality sound playing through your factory Oem radio. The Pie Aux-In mimics a CD-changer and "tricks" your Radio into playing the auxiliary source.  Radio must have a CD button or external CD-changer controls. and needs to be prewired for a CD changer, if the changer is present it needs to be unplug

the Bentley radio can only recognize one audio input device at the time the CD changer needs to be remove

CD changer and cable can be found in the glove box. you can also add an iPhone interface or Bluetooth adapter

  • 2004-2011 Radios with CD-changer control.
  • Listen to an auxiliary source through your factory audio system. iPod iPhone mp3
  • No need for sound-degrading Fm modulator tapes or FM transmitters.
  • Connects to factory  12-pin CD connection in glove box or trunk.
Aux input  for vehicles that are pre-wire for CD-changer.

2004-2011   Bentley Continental (GT and Flying Spour)

2004-2011   Lamborghini Gallardo


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connects to the factory CD changer cable 

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