Bluetooth Hands Free Kit

- Universal system, works with phones from all manufacturers

- Voice dialing, holds up to 200 names in memory

- User Friendly interface with LCD Display and Vocal Prompts

- Built-in GPS Receiver

- NMEA over Bluetooth GPS

- Compatible with such tested Navigation software as TomTom, WayFinder, Navigon, Copilot, Route66, Audio Compass, Destinator, Navman, Viamichelin

- Supports Headset, Handsfree 0.96 & 1.0, OBEX Synchronization, Object Push, NMEA Bluetooth profiles

bluetooth interface

- Multifunctional External LCD Display, allowing to:

- Accept and initiate, reject and end calls

- View the active Network and Phone names, Signal and Battery strength meters

- View Caller ID for incoming calls and status of Bluetooth connection

- Adjust Volume during the conversation

- Access Phone Book in alphabetical order (vocal prompts for letters given)

- Access Call Lists (vocal prompts given)

- Dial a number (vocal prompts for digits given)

- Preset Voice Commands (vocal prompts given)

- Establish system settings (vocal prompts given)

bluetooth car radio kit

- Wordspotting - full voice control for pick up and hang up

- Full Duplex communication, DSP, noise reduction and echo cancellation

- Multiple numbers (home, office, cellular, etc.) for the same contact (V-card)

- Rapid Bluetooth synchronization with the phonebook

- Up to five phones can be paired with the same system

- Radio mute during calls, use of the car audio system for the highest quality of sound

- Redial

- Call Waiting

- Private Mode

- Multilingual Interface: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch

- Easily installed by any qualified car stereo/alarm technician. Instructions enclosed

- Upgradeable software makes it the last car kit customer buys

- Software upgradeable wirelessly via Bluetooth - no need for new installation work

- Range of adapter harnesses** for various car makes

- One year manufacturers warranty

* Feature support depends on the cellular phone software. See manual for details.

** Sold separately. Without an adapter additional labor may be required or a separate speaker may have to be used. Adapters for some car models are not available

What is Bluetooth® technology?
Bluetooth® is a new wireless technology that enables connectivity between two or more devices (for example, cell phone and vehicle) by utilizing a 2.4-GHz radio that has a range of 10 meters. Bluetooth® allows customers to use their compatible cell phones hands-free in the vehicle.
Intended to replace the cables connecting portable and/or fixed devices while maintaining high levels of security. The key features of Bluetooth® technology are robustness, low power and low cost to connect and communicate with each other.
The vehicle Bluetooth® system can pick up the Bluetooth® signal from the handset up to 30 feet from the vehicle. The range is largely dependent on which phone is being used and the battery level of the phone. There are no apparent wires. Once installed, just turn on the engine and you are immediately connected to your phone.

Even by leaving the mobile phone in his bag, or purse with this Bluetooth® kit the driver dictates a name and is immediately connected to his correspondent. The car's speakers transmit the conversation with perfect quality of sound, regardless of the driving conditions (traffic, highway…).
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