Bluetooth Media Integration kit

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Bluetooth Media Integration kit For Any Car Stereo With Steering Wheel Controls

Hands free Bluetooth Mobile Media integration interface, for most Radios factory or aftermarket with Steering Wheel Controls, Music Text Navigation works with Siri and Goggle

This audio integration kit was designed to be used with your factory stereo and Smartphone connecting by Bluetooth It works with Android, iPod, iTouch, iPad
This is not a simple Bluetooth car kit, but goes beyond the hands free or streaming your music by allowing you to Control your Smartphone via Voice Recognition.
The Bluetooth interface is fully integrated into your steering well controls or buttons providing a direct connection
Between radio mode or Bluetooth mode
The interface allows you to give verbal commands to your phone or by simply pushing a button on the steering wheel, then saying the name of the application aloud  the commands depend on the VR application chosen by the user.

play music
Send text and play text messages without touching your phone
Make and receive phone calls

Additionally, using a compatible Bluetooth mobile devices, it is now possible to hear the text messages
on the car audio system, see them on the radio’s RDS display field, and even reply, all by voice – no
need to touch the device.
You can even launch and control Navigation features using voice
recognition, all with verbal confirmation and audio prompts. InSeam has also integrated parental
Controls safety features, available on Android devices. To avoid driver distractions, parents can
configure the system disable notifications (SMS text messages) via the RDS display if the vehicle’s
current speed exceeds a preset speed-limit.

Bluetooth Integration



  • Wireless Bluetooth connection
  • Controls commonly used functions of the Smartphone from Steering Wheel Controls
  • Hands-free phone function with in-car mic and playback through radio
  • Supports SIRI and Android voice recognition functions
  • InSeam APP for Android lets the user choose their Voice Recognition (VR) interface between Google’s native VR, Vlingo or Dragon
  • Provides audio output for aftermarket or factory aux-in option
  • Works on any FM Car or Boat Stereo
  • Please watch the videos to understand better how this Bluetooth kit works


  • Vehicles without steering wheel controls use Bluetooth ISFM2351



    Vehicles without steering wheel controls use Bluetooth ISFM2351

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