Bentley Aux Adapter

Bentley Audio Input Adapter

Auxiliary audio input for Bentley car Stereos,  Listen to your iPod iPhone USB Bluetooth, This car audio adapters for Bentley offers the highest sound CD quality possible, features great browsing features through your head unit, CD sound quality music! Please don't confuse this with Fm transmitters or tape adapters there is nothing wireless about them, that means the audio signal isn't getting degraded by the process of sending it to your Bentley Radio full iPod controls using an iPod interface from the Factory Bentley Continental Radio. GT and Bentley Flying Spur USB and Bluetooth options are also available,  there are a few options to input audio into your Bentley car stereo, wireless FM adapters don't work in your vehicle. for best sound quality use a direct connection to the factory car stereo for more information call us 1-800-727-1466  or
407-933-1065 [email protected]   Bentley iPod Integration  


bentley aux input

Bentley Auxiliary Interface

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