USA Spec BT45-HON3 Bluetooth music & Phone for Acura Honda

BT45-HON3 Bluetooth music Phone Acura Honda

Price: $180.00

BT45-HON3 Bluetooth Interface 2003-2014 Honda Acura Radios

Bluetooth  BT45-HON3  integrates your vehicle's OEM sound system with Bluetooth enabled devices so you can make hands-free phone calls and wirelessly stream audio media. Our plug & play technology allows you to maintain functionality of factory installed options such as HFL (Hands-Free Link), navigation, CD changer, Satellite radio, RSE (rear seat entertainment) system, and AUX/USB input.   for Honda and Acura Radios, includes everything you need to install it in your vehicle. It allows your factory Acura Honda's radio to communicate with any Bluetooth enabled devices with A2DP audio streaming. You can stream audio from your favorite phone apps (including navigation), and you'll be able to handle phone calls using the Radio's controls or your steering wheel buttons.

The Bluetooth interface also includes a 2.1-amp USB charging port as well as an auxiliary input for other non-Bluetooth audio devices. It supports Caller ID and text display so you'll see song and artist info on your Honda radio.

With the latest in Bluetooth technology, the BT45-HON3 gives you great sound and works seamlessly with the vehicle's existing audio sources. You can carry on a noise-free conversation in almost any environment, and USA Spec's technology gives you the best possible sound quality. The built-in auto-mute function makes sure you never miss a call.

  • Includes wiring harness and microphone
  • Built-in auto-mute keeps you from missing calls
  • Auxiliary input for non-Bluetooth devices
  • USB charging port
  • Warranty: 1 year

    Hands Free Phone Call

Crystal clear sound quality with all speaker playback Noise cancellation DSP hardware & CVC (Clear Voice Capture) software Automatically switches from AM/FM/CD, SAT & etc., to Bluetooth mode upon incoming calls One button to answer/end/reject calls from the radio or the steering wheel  Incoming caller number display 2 and announcement Enable/disable caller # announcement from the radio Toggle between hands-free and handset(for privacy) from the radio

  3.5mm Auxiliary Input

Connect any non-Bluetooth device equipped with a headphone jack to play its audio through your vehicle's sound system

 USB Charging Port

                to keep your devices

                charged and ready to go.

 Wireless Media Streaming

  • Rich & dynamic audio quality with all speaker playback Music info (song title, artist & album name) display2
  • Change tracks from the radio or the steering wheel Stream music, podcasts, GPS directions from apps such as iHeart Radio, Spotify, Google Map, Waze, and YouTube.

     All speaker Playback

                    for audio streaming from your

                    favorite app with dynamic 

                    pristine sound quality 

      System Compatibility

                 with android, Apple iOS.

                 Windows,  and blackberry devices

                 with appropriate Bluetooth profile Features:

    *Android, Apple, Blackberry, & Windows compatible.

    *Plug & Play installation and seamless integration with Oem entertainment Systems.

    *Automatically mutes radio with easy one button operation to answer/end or reject phone calls.

    *Incoming called number announcement & display on supported radio.

    *full & rich audio quality for media steaming with music info display on supported radio.

    Bluetooth Music & Phone Interface for Acura/Honda 


    Element (double din radio only)  2003-2011
    Accord                                      2003-2012
    Accord Hybrid                            2005-2012
    Civic                                         2006-2012
    CRV                                          2005-2011
    CRZ                                          2010-2012
    Fit                                            2007-2013
    Insight                                      2010-2012
    Odyssey                                    2005-2012
    Pilot                                          2006-2011
    Ridgeline                                   2006-2014 
    S2000                                       2004-2009

    RL (Non Nav)                             2005-2009
    TL (All Radio)                             2004-2006
    TL (Non Nav)                             2007-2008
    MDX (Nav)                                 2005-2012
    TSX (All Radio)                           2004-2008
    RDX (Non-Nav)                           2007-2009

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