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 Land Rover iPod iPhone Interface Adapter 1999-2005
Land Rover iPod iPhone Integration


Land Rover iPod iPhone integration kit adapter you can control volume, source, song selection, and up to five different playlists right from the Land Rover radio. Seek up and seek down And the interface charges your iPod while it's connected. 12v and 5volts USB for new iPhone and iTouch, it will pause when you listen to a tape or am FM station digital CD sound quality, because it plugs into the CD changer port of the land  rover radio. This is Not an inferior FM transmitter or modulator kit is hard wire to Land Rover radio. If using an iPhone you can also stream music from internet services like Pandora, Livio radio, i-Heart radio or online XM Sirius satellite radio. Just plug your iPod into the interface and enjoy. 
Direct Mode:
In this mode, the controls on the iPod are functional as well as the track up/down, fast forward/reverse buttons on land rover radio for controlling music playback. To use this mode, set the dip switch #2 on the interface to "Off" position. in this mode, the audio will come through Disc 5, Track 1 on the radio.
Playlist Mode:
In this mode, the iPod acts as the factory CD-changer. The Land Rover radio can access six discs when a CD-changer is connected, this is synonymous with six playlists on the iPod. The first five are custom playlists arranged using iTunes software. The sixth playlist is a Play All command which plays all the songs on the iPod.There is no limit to the number of songs on a playlist, but the song number display on most factory radios is only two digits so after 99 the display restarts  at 01. For this mode, dip switch #2 must be in the "on" position.
Playlist Names:
In order for the adapter factory radio to recognize a playlist, it must be named 1... through 5...Text can follow the  name and number, such as Land 3_artist name or Land 2-jazz. For a given disc slot (1-5), if there is no playlist named followed by that number, that disc slot will not be available.
text only work on Land Rover radios that support text from the CD-changer or satellite ready radios 2004 and up.
Auxiliary Input:
In addition to the iPod input on the land rover
interface  there is an auxiliary input (RCA) for use with another source, such as a DVD, Mp3, satellite radio, and etc. The aux input is accesses using disc 6 track 1 using the factory radio controls. This aux input can be used with or without the iPod connected. When using the aux input
the Play All mode is moved to the Disc 5
slot and the 5 custom playlist is lost. To use the auxiliary input on the  interface, dip switch #1 is set to the "off" position.

the Radio's Disc Select controls to access the 5 custom mobile playlists, the Play All mode, and the auxiliary input. Track select, forward and backward, works just like on a Cs. Other commands include shuffle play, scan (plays first 10 seconds of each track), repeat play, Fast Track Search (skips forward or backward 10 tracks,) and Fast Forward/Fast Reverse within a song (available in shuffle mode only.)

iPod connection adapter for:

  • 1998 to 2004   Land Rover Discovery II iPod integration
    • 2000 to 2003   Land Rover Range Rover

      • 2003 to 2004   Land Rover4.6 HSE
        • 2002                Land Rover Freelander


Manage the iPod via your land rover radio's CD-changer controls adjust volume, track up/down, fast forward/rewind use up to five playlists (select five favorites, or Auto Playlist will let you choose from the first five on your iPod.) Direct Mode allows you to control everything via the iPod itself, giving you access to all playlists (requires a DIP switch change on the iPod adapter) compatible with all iPod and iPod mini models equipped with a dock connector will work with land rover steering wheel controls. If factory CD-changer is present it needs to be remove lrn 50500. This iPod interface comes with the long cable to plug behind the land rover radio, CD-changer cable for under the seat is no longer available, works with iPhone iTouch all models.
Land Rover Radio

 Land Rover iPod Interface 
Full Controls From Radio or iPod

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