Chevrolet Sirius satellite Radio

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GM Chevrolet Sirius Satellite Radio for vehicles with a BAND button

This package includes everything that's necessary for you to listen to  SIRIUS satellite through your factory GM Chevrolet radio ( Radio must have a BAND button ) a SIRIUS satellite tuner, a roof-mount antenna, the factory wiring to connect to the back of your factory radio and it also comes with the factory XM cable adapter

If you have XM now you can remove it and replace it with Sirius satellite.

All satellite text information  comes through the factory GM radio display

You can mount the compact radio easily in a convenient spot behind the dash. The adapter cable hooks up to the radio at one end, and to your factory stereo at the other, providing all signal and power connections. The magnetic antenna mounts firmly on your vehicle's roof, and connects to the satellite radio.

works for most 2003 to 2008 GM vehicles  single CD or CD changer radio including Bose sound system

Installation manual

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