Chrysler Dodge Can Bus Add An Amplifier C2A-CHY

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Chrysler Dodge Jeep interface  

Add an Amplifier 

this interface converts the Chrysler Dodge Jeep digital CANN Buss digital signal and provides a stereo RCA audio output for adding aftermarket amplification. Provides full range audio output 20-20,000Hz. Audio output level is controlled by the volume of the factory radio.

This interface is for use in a Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep vehicle with the REF, REC, RAQ, RAK radio and the factory installed amplifier.
The radio’s name can be found on the face of the radio and the amplifier is usually branded Alpine, Boston Acoustic, Infinity or Kicker.
In order for the C2A-CHY to function correctly, the factory amplifier MUST be connected to the vehicles wiring. If the factory amplifier
is or has been removed from the vehicle the AOEM-CHR2 must be used instead. Either interface will connect at the radio.
The C2A-CHY provides a 4-channel rca jacks output signal for use with aftermarket amplifiers. This hi low adapter uses the full range fixed level head unit output in conjunction with CAN-bus messages and delivers a analog audio signal output with fading and balancing capabilities.

  • Reads CAN bus signals and provides analog audio signal
  • Plug in installation retains factory wiring integrity
  • Linear 20-20,000Hz sound reproduction based on input signal
  • 4 channel RCA output
  • Output level controlled by factory radio

Only compatible in vehicles with a premium amplified audio system.
Does not retain factory radio's bass, mid-range & treble adjustments


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