Ford Auxiliary FRDN-AUX/S

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Ford Mercury Auxiliary Input Adapter FRDN-AUX/S


The PIE FRDN-AUX/S auxiliary interface for radios with SAT button connects to the  16 & 20 PIN plugs at the headunit converting the satellite radio port and controls into an auxiliary audio input port that you can select from the SAT button the auxiliary interface with RCA connectors provide you digital sound quality. With this converter installed, you can connect and listen to any external audio sources such as iPod's, iPhone's, iPad's, XM Satellite Radio, Mp3, Video Game Systems, DVD player or any other device that has a headphone/RCA audio output without using an inferior FM modulator or transmitter.
If your radio comes with a 16 $ 24 PIN plugs use the FRD03-AUX/S


*Radio must have "SAT"  Button.

*Not compatible with vehicles that have RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment.) or it must be unplugged






General Audio Cable:

The Best choice for those who use a variety of audio devices. The cable plugs into any audio device that has a headphone jack (3.5mm output) that can then be connected to the Auxiliary Input Converter to provide audio.

iPod Cable:

you can add an iPod cable for charging

Vehicle Fit:


2006-2008   Ford Econoline

2004-2007   Ford Escape

2006-2007   Ford Escape Hybrid

2004-2005   Ford Explorer

2004-2005   Ford Sport Trac


2005-2007   Mercury Mariner

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