Ford Taurus Mercury Sable RCU Amplifier F6DF-18C851-AB

Price: $120.00
Ford Taurus Mercury Sable RCU Tuner Amplifier Radio F6DF-18C851-AB

Taurus, Sable rcu tuner pack Amplifier Radio
Ford Taurus receiver amplifier  Mercury Sable Radio F6DF-18C851-AB F7DF-18C851-AA F8DF-18C851-AB XF1F-18C851-AA
This is the Taurus sable amplifier  also called RCU because this is the Radio, am FM tuner amplifier the unit in front in the dash with the AC controls, is only the controller  not the radio, if you have any audio problems  missing audio from one channel or any am FM problem , that means that this box needs to be repaired or replace this  mounts in the trunk  left side behind the carpet amplifier also comes with the port for the CD Changer, or aux input.

1996 to 2007    Ford taurus        

1996 to 2007    Mercury sable    

1995 to 1998    Lincoln with JBL 

Taurus Sable CD player 04 - 07 


Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable mount in the trunk, left side behind the carpet near the floor, there is a 4 and 6 channel JBL amplifier this listing is not Ford JBL,  In the wagon vehicle with 3rd row  seats, this amplifier mounts on the other side of the fender behind the spare tire rebuild 6 months warranty

For tech support call  1-800-727-1466

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