Jaguar iPod Adater

Jaguar iPod interface

Jaguar iPod
iPhone adapter,
this iPod integration kit will allow you
to connect listen control and charge your iPod iPhone from your factory Jaguar radio
. The sound is crystal CD clear, and while using this iPod adapter you can control the songs and volume using the buttons on the Jaguar radio or the steering wheel, Don't be locked out of your iPod by other adapters, this iPod interface allows you to use the iPod iPhone controls to navigate through your entire music collection. or the controls from your Jaguar radio . Shift between tracks and playlists without taking your eyes off the road or your ears off the music This adapters will also power and charge the iPod from the same docking connector cable. All you see is one single cable plugging into the bottom of the iPod If using and iPhone you can also stream music from internet services like Pandora Livio radio iHeart radio All from one single iPod docking connector Jaguar iPod iPhone integration iPod adapter will plug into the CD changer cable compatible 1992 - 1997 Jaguar all models round 8 pin plug in trunk or it will plug behind the factory radio Jaguar 2000-2002 S Type 12 pin plug in the trunk or behind the radio.
If you need help finding the correct iPod interface for your jaguar vehicle E-mail us or 1800-727-1466 or 1-407-933-1065 Jaguar aux interface 


Jaguar iPod Adapter

Jaguar ipod interface cable 1992 to 1997
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