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Lincoln auxiliary audio input
Most Lincolns radios have Cd changers (Cd) and Satellite control Sat or Aux buttons they are use for cd changers, Satellite or rear factory dvd, if any of this are free we can use that plug on the Lincoln radio to install the auxiliary audio input jack for mp3 or iPod iPhone interface.
Auxiliary input converters are designed to convert this ports of the Ford Lincoln radios into auxiliary audo input. Devices such as iPods iPhone, Dvd, zune Mp3, Video Game Systems, and Satellite Radio can be added to the Lincoln radio without Fm modulation. this technology maintains full function of all Lincoln features built-in steering wheel and rear seat controls..check your factory radio for this button Sat Aux Cd before you pick the aux interface 1995 and up radios need to have a Cd button, and external cd will need to be unplug or use the X3-FRDW to keep the cd changer and auxiliary audio input interface If vehicle comes with JBL sound system use FRDR-AUX plugs at rcu tuner in trunk if cd player radio press Cd twice to activate aux input, If radio comes with indash Cd6 press Cd button twice radio must display no dj no cd in this case use FRDN-AUX, If radios comes with a Sat button use FRD03-AUX/S 2004 and up ford radios with Aux button use the FRD04-AUX
If you need help finding the correct auxiliary interface for your Lincoln vehicle  E-mail  us or 1-800-727-1466   Lincoln ipod interface      Factor Radio Lincoln

Lincoln Audio Adapter

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