Chrysler Aux Adapter

Chrysler Auxiliary Input Adapter

Chrysler Auxiliary Audio Interface, Add a new audio source to your Chrysler factory Radio. The Auxiliary input adapter lets you input audio from your iPod, iPhone, Mp3 satellite radio or any portable audio source through your Chrysler's original car stereo, without the need of tapes or FM transmitters, These auxiliary input Adapters allow you to retrofit your Chrysler car stereo to accept any external audio source with a headphone or rca jacks.
(iPhone USB cables available) Simply plug one end into the CD changer port behind the
Chrysler radio run the input cable
to your desired location and plug your aux audio device  this are not universal, Direct digital audio
input maintains the best sound quality and keeps full function of all factory  Chrysler features  you don't lose any features from the original stereo, radio must have CDC or Mode button
Auxiliary interface:  It's a line level input that accepts any audio signals from iPod mp3 player, iPod  this digital audio signal its input  into the Chrysler Radio preamp and you can hear on the factory speakers . Plug one end into the aux jack on the other to the back of the Chrysler stereo,  the other into your portable audio device and you'll get direct digital sound quality. Auxiliary interfaces are not tape adapters or FM transmitters, there is nothing wireless about them, that means the signal isn't getting degraded by the process of sending it to your Chrysler Dodge Radio, to this input you can add a Bluetooth kit, works for Chrysler Pt cruiser 300m Sebring Pacifica town & country and many more factory radios. If you need help finding the correct auxiliary interface adapter for your Chrysler facebook pagevehicle  Contact us E-mail us 1-800-727-1466 or 407-933-1065   
iPod iPhone interface.   Factory Chrysler Radios 

Chrysler Audio Adapters

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